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Shaolin White Crane Kung-fu

"In life, there comes few iopportunities to train with a fantastic martial artist, like in his home in Malaysia, and get in-depth understanding of his art and all of its subtleties. For most of us, this is something far beyond our wildest dreams. For Shifu Lorne Bernard, this was his experience. Now he has taken it upopn himself to share all he has gained with you."

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So starts the blurb on the back of this book. Shifu Lorne Bernard indeed delivers on this because this book is a work of love. Not only does he introduce the reader to White Crane he makes many comments from the standpoint of someone who actually cares about his art and the misinterpretations that are starting to eat away at the core of kung-fu.

White Crane is an interesting style particularly for those who are researching the origins of karate. It is also a style strongly represented in Taiwan. In addition, there are some very interesting parallels involved in the relationship between White Crane and Wing Chun. This system is a complete no nonsense martial art which practices both empty hand and with more than 18 different traditional weapons. It also includes internal training, iron palm training and pressure point striking. This classic book includes:

•An historical overview of Southern China’s Fujian province martial arts legacy
•A detailed history of White Crane
•Two person practice forms
•Street situations and real fighting combinations
•Traditional conditioning methods
•An overview of weaponry associated with this southern kung-fu system