Hark Fu Kune(Black Tiger Fist) by Gary Mah Maximize

Hark Fu Kune(Black Tiger Fist) by Gary Mah

Hark Fu Kune

Black Tiger Fist

Instduction, History, Stances, Basics, Form, Techniques, Fundamentals and more.

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The Literal translation of Hard Fu Kune is "Black Tiger Fist". this is a form that was invented  by sifu Tak Wah Eng.  It is a form that he developed, combining the movements of Hung Gar and the Tiger Claw system. It mimics the movements of a fighting tiger, graping, clawing, choking, and taking down your opponent are some of the tactics that a Tiger will use to subdue its prey.  This book will give the reader or martial arts practitioner some insight on the basics.