Seven Star Mantis - Dafanche, Xiaofanche & Lipiquan Maximize

Seven Star Mantis - Dafanche, Xiaofanche & Lipiquan

Authors: Lam Wing-kit & Ying Fun-fong
Publisher: Brilliant Publication Limited
ISBN: 962-85291-8-8
Pages: 104
Language: Chinese/English
1st Published: 08/2002

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Fanchequan and Lipiquan emphasize the hard and strong force application.  They use the ‘Eight Hard Powers’ as their main theme.  Those practicing Praying Mantis must understand the ‘Principles of Hard and Soft’ fighting technique. ‘Eight Hard Powers’ are ’Pressure of Mountain Tai’, ’Punching towards the face’, ‘Double palms with yielding step’, ‘Pressing or lifting Elbow’, ‘Touching the door and lean on the wall’, ‘Hard rolling fist to smashing down’, ‘Left right thrustings’ and ‘Separating by throwing and deflecting’. Dafanche and Xiaofanche focus on the scoop-wheel fists, power generated from the first move of ‘Eight Hard Powers’ -‘Pressure of Mountain Tai’.  Lipiquan trains the practitioners in applying the ‘taiji fight’ and ’Follow and Reverse fight’ which belong to the ‘Four Corners and Eight Directions Attack Principle’ to execute the Eight Hard Powers.  Through learning these routines, one can understand and experience the mentioned hard and strong skills amongst the Mantis power (sickle hand).