Seven Star Mantis - Dajiashi, Xiaojiashi & Tanglangchui Maximize

Seven Star Mantis - Dajiashi, Xiaojiashi & Tanglangchui

Authors: Lam Wing-kit & Ying Fun-fong
Publisher: Brilliant Publication Limited
ISBN: 962-85291-9-6
Pages: 100
Language: Chinese/English

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Dajia,Xiaojia and Tanglangchui were composed with the principle  of  ‘practising the preying technique but not the posture of the praying mantis’. Through learning these routines, learners can grasp the ‘Comprehensive Fighting Theory’ of the Praying Mantis family that was developed by the founder Grandmaster Wang Lang after digesting the core techniques of 18 different schools of martial arts. ‘Comprehensive Fighting Theory’ lays down the fundamental principles, like following forces and returning straight, moving continuously and smoothly. It also puts great emphasis on the harmonious coordination between speed and power. The ultimate goal is to achieve the skills in delivering quick and sharp strikes, inch powers, dynamic forces and fast but firm actions. It pursues the fighting skills of ‘quick beats slow’ and ‘thundering effect’ (too quick for enemy to react ).