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Eagle Claw-Babu Lainhuanquan & Shaolinchui

Authors: Lam Wing-kit, Ng Hing-biu & Ying Fun-fong
Publisher: Brilliant Publication Limited


Pages: 192
Language: Chinese/English

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Babu Lianhuanquan & Shaolinchui are the two important elementary routines of the Yingzhao Fanzi family. Babu means eight sets of continuous fighting action. They are the double punches, consecutive left and right palms skill, squeezing step with throat claw, toe-out step with seizing attack, three smash punches, throwing punch with leaning elbow, sweeping side punch followed by lifting punch and finally the inside slap kick with throwing. These eight sets of fighting action represent the fundamental technique of Yingzhao Fanzi family which includes smashing, thrusting, throwing and seizing. Actions are well linked and organized with practical defense-attack thinking. Hence it provides a good guidance to the beginner of this family of martial arts. 
Shaolinchui has adopted the characteristics of Shaolin martial arts style with emphasis on the use of fists. It maintains the properties of Shaolin style in that "fists punch in a cow lying area". Shaolinchui has a lot of different punching techniques, all are for attack. Like the uppercut punch, lifting punch, pressing punch, spring punch, three smash punches, roll-out punch, rolling raise punch, etc. all these various punching methods, carry the characteristics of Yingzhao Fanzi, i.e. rolling and turning upward, downward, left and right. And they are the main theme of the handwork of Yingzhao Fanzi family.