Self-teaching: Chinese Weapon--Kwan Dao Maximize

Self-teaching: Chinese Weapon--Kwan Dao

Clear diagrams and techniques. 

Good information for the beginner.

Clear illustrations of muscle groups and great stretching instructions.

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A big black-and-white paster of General Kwan included.In ancient China, the Dao (Broadsword) is the master of all weapons. Tai-Dao is a general term for the long-handle broadsword. The most representative type of all the tai-dao is the Kwan ¡VDao, named after the famous general Kwan Yu in the era of the Three Kingdoms. This book fully illustrates and describes the various types of Tai-Dao (Long-handled Broadsword), Kwan-Dao (Emperor Kwan¡¦s Broadsword), and Chai-Dao (Bandits¡¦ Encampment-Broadsword) vs. the long Bench. .