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Comprehensive Of Shaolin Chin Na by Yang Jwing Ming

Comprehensive Of Shaolin Chin Na by Yang Jwing Ming

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Comprehensive Of Shaolin Chin Na by Yang Jwing Ming-Analysis of Shaolin Chin Na 2nd ed. Insructor's Manual for all Martial Styles Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming Chin Na (Qin Na) is one of the four major fighting categories in all Chinese martial styles. The four categories are: kicking (Ti), Striking (Da), Wrestling (Shuai), and Seize-Controlling (Na). Joint lock Chin Na techniques can be effectively used against an opponentÕs grabbing attacks as well as against wrestling. Pressing and striking Chin Na can be used to seal the opponentÕs breathing, vein/artery, or Qi circulation, which can cause severe pain, numbness, unconsciousness, or even death. Most of Chin Na can be learned easily and be adopted into any martial style. Chin Na has been known as the root of the Japanese arts of Jujitsu and Aikido, and practitioners can use the study of Chin Na to increase their understanding of the theory and principles of their own arts. In this new edition. 1. Old Chinese spelling system has been replaced by the new academic Pinyin system. 2. Chinese characters are included in the text. 3. New information has been added whenever it will help the reader. 4. Old techniques have been modified according to the author's current understanding. 5. New photographs to improve the angle of the techniques and overall layout. The ability to control an opponent through Chin Na is one of the highest measures of martial skill. Teach yourself with this book, even if youÕve never studied martial arts before. 50 Chin Na techniques photographed and explained! Improve your skills with the many training methods, attacks, and counterattack techniques detailed in this book. Increase your fighting options! Chin Na is easily integrated with any martial style. Heal training injuries with section on Chin Na first aid, including herbal remedies. Go beyond joint locks with vein and artery sealing, dividing the muscles/tendons, and misplacing the bone. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming is a world-renowned author and teacher of Gong Fu (Kung Fu), Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) and Chin Na and a leading authority on Qigong (Chi Kung). Involved in Chinese Kung Fu since 1961, he has over 50 schools in 18 countries. Dr. Yang has published over thirty books and over fifty videotapes and DVDs on the martial arts and Qigong. Voted by Inside Kung-Fu Magazine (1999) as one of the people who has "made the greatest impact on martial arts in the past 100 years." Awarded by Black Belt Magazine "Kung Fu Artist of the Year 2003". Dr. Yang lives in Newton Massachusetts. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Complements the videotape Analysis of Shaolin Chin Na - sold separately. 377 pages, 822 illustrations, ISBN:1-59439-000-2