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Chin Na In Depth Courses 1 - 4

Taugh by Dr. Yang Jwing Ming

Teaches you techniques of Chin Na

Up close and in detail

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Chin Na" means "Seize Control" Learn Chin Na (Qin Na) for controlling and incapacitating your opponents with 34 finger, hand, and joint-locking techniques. Each of these techniques is presented up-close and in detail, and can be found in Dr. Yang's bestselling book Comprehensive Applications of Shaolin Chin Na. Course 1: White Crane Nods Its Head White Crane Twists Its Neck Lift the Elbow White Crane Covers Its Wing Hands Embrace A Guitar Single and Multiple Finger Holdings Butterfly Bores Through the Flowers Double Finger Split Course 2: Small Wrap Hand Small Wrap Hand 2 Forward Wrist Press Press the Wrist Up Turning Around Heaven and Earth Turning Body Elbow Wrap Forward Turning Elbow Two Children Worship the Buddha Course 3: Large Rock Twists Its Wing Arm Wraps Around the Neck Pressing Shoulder with Single Finger and Extending the Neck for Water White Crane Bores the Bush Large Python Turns Its Body Rotating the Sky Post Low Finger Press Upward Finger Turn Lock and Turn the Joint Course 4: Small Wrap Finger Large Wrap hand Low Inward Wrist Press Forgive Me Not Going With You The Child Worships the Buddha Reverse Elbow Wrap Upward Elbow Press Lion Shakes Its Head One Post to Support the Heaven This program is designed to match Dr. Yang's chin na seminar series. For information on attending these seminars, please call (617) 524-8892. DVD SPECIAL FEATURES: 34 Scene Selections • Previews of all YMAA videos • Interactive YMAA Product Catalog • Biography: Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming • History: YMAA Publication Center, YMAA schools, seminars, logo design and more...