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The points of the ears is the part where the surface of the auricle and the bowels, channels, organs and limbs link each other, and it's also the window reflecting the physical functions of the human body and the pathological changes. The pathological changes of the bowels and organs can be shown on the auricle according to the distribution of the ears' points. Through massaging the ears' points, it can treat and protect many diseases of bowels.This film will introduce the detailed twenty diseases' techniques of massages on the points of the ears: The treatment of the common diseases: 1. Cold, 2. Cough, 3. hiccough, 4. headache, 5. insomnia, 6. swirling, 7. apoplexy, 8. hiccough and deaf, 9. neurasthenic, 10, asthma, 11, stomachache, 12, impotence, 13. spermatorrhea, 14. dysmenorrheal, 15. maladjustment of menses, 16. toothache, 17. sciatica, 18. carsickness, 19. stiff neck 20. acute waist's wrick.