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Chinese with English and Simplified Chinese subtitles. Thenar (bottom of the foot) massage is one of the traditional massage treatments in China. It has a history of centuries and is very popular. According to the theories of Chinese medicine, thenar is the twelfth positive channel of the human body and the starting point of the third yin channel and the third yang channel, and it can directly or indirectly reflect the functions of the bowels. When the function of human bowels is misadjusted, the reflection section of the thenar can eliminate the blocks of the circulation of blood and breath, so it can adjust the normal physical activities of the human body. Thenar massage has three functions: diagnosis, treatment and health care. -- All DVDs in the Chinese Massage series: Acupuncture, -- Thenar Massage, -- Ear Massage, -- Head's Massage, -- Cupping, -- Scrape Therapy, -- Hands' Massage, -- Naprapathy.