Sun Lu Tang's Wushu series-Chun Yang Jian (sword) Maximize

Sun Lu Tang's Wushu series-Chun Yang Jian (sword)

Sun Lu Tang's Wushu series-Chun Yang Jian (sword)

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Chun Yang Jian (sword) is also called Xingyi Jian(Sword), its theory is the same as Xingyi Quan. Though the blade technique is the same as boxing, its usage is different. For boxing, you use the hands, while for blade, you fight with the three inches sharp edge. So we say, boxing has boxing techniques, while blade has blade techniques. Understand the blade techniques deeply, so you can make full use of the blade in actual combat. For blade, you should mainly focus on the spirit, and it is the same as boxing for the eyes, hands, body, and foot techniques. Chun Yang Jian has the advantages of every schools, and it practice integrating Yin and Yang Qi, so to strengthen the body and kill the diseases. It aims at cultivating the Qi, a blade routine which practice the inside and outside. Lectured By Deng Fu Ming Chinese with subtitles in English and Chinese