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Acupuncture for Everyone What It Is, Why It Works, and How It Can Help You-Learn how to find a good practitioner and what to expect from consultation and treatment • Recommended for acupuncturists' waiting rooms. • Designed for people with no previous knowledge of acupuncture. In this revised edition of Acupuncture for Everyone--regarded by many practitioners as the most concise and useful book about acupuncture available--Dr. Kidson provides a clear understanding of how acupuncturists make their diagnoses and how this determines what treatment they implement. Illustrations are included to help the reader understand what the acupuncturist does and why. Kidson also explains the fundamental principles of Chinese medicine underlying this effective therapy, offers advice on how to find a good practitioner, and shows what to expect from consultation and treatment. Anyone considering acupuncture for treatment of a health condition will find their questions and concerns allayed by this invaluable book. About the Author(s) of Acupuncture for Everyone Ruth Kidson is also the author of Hypnotherapy for Everyone and A Guide to Common Illnesses. She lives in England. Praise for Acupuncture for Everyone "Acupuncturists--this is the book to have in your waiting room. It succinctly yet thoroughly covers all the basics of acupuncture history, philosophy, causes of disease, means of diagnosis, and methods of treatment in an engaging style rich with anecdotes and case histories. A joy to read!"Dan Brown, L.Ac.