Spring Steel Competition Sword(Ren Sword) Maximize

Spring Steel Competition Sword(Ren Sword)

Spring Steel(medium weight steel)

Tai Chi competition sword

Well balanced straight sword.

Foil handle & Scabbard.

Great sword for all styles. 


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$135.00 per each

Spring Steel Straight Sword(Ren Sword)--It is the sword that most people use for Ta Chi competition.  This sword is specialzing in it's sizes. There are nine(9) sizies for you to choose the perfect length for you.   It's handle and blade are longer than regular straight sword. The blade is made of middle weight steel-spring steel, it is not too heavy like COMBAT STEEL, and is not to light like WUSHU(FLEXALBE) STEEL. It's is a well balance sword. The balancing point is about 2 inches form the hand guard. Scabbard and handle are made of high quality wood. red tasselle comes with it. It is made by the most famous sword maker-SHENG GUAN LONG in Long Quan, China. A sword carrying case comes with it.

#0-blade only 26", handle only 6"

#1-blade only 27.5", handle only 6"

#2-blade only 28", handle only 6"

#3-blade only 29", handle only 6"

#4-blade only 30", handle only 6"

#5-blade only 30.5", handle only 6.5"

#6-blade only 31.5", handle only 6.5"

#7-blade only 33", handle only 7"

#8-blade only 34.5", handle only 7"

Must be age of 21 or older to order.